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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need EVA or rubber mats?

We recommend our lightweight EVA stable mats in most conditions for light to medium weight horses/ponies, where stable is well ventilated, has a flat floor with no central floor drain. For heavier horses and slightly uneven surfaces, we recommend solid rubber mats which are slightly more flexible and longer lasting.

How long do the mats last?

We estimate EVA stable mats will last 5 years of general usage within a stable environment. Solid rubber mats are expected to last longer. All our mats come with a manufacturer backed 1 year warranty.

Do I need a flat surface?

Laying EVA stable mats on a flat surface is always recommended, however solid rubber stable mats can adapt to small variations in floor levels. All our mats can be laid on concrete, boarding, sand and well drained areas. In addition, our ground protection mats can be laid on soft ground.

Are the mats easy to install?

All our mats are designed to be easy to self-fit (DIY). We also have a handy fitting guide to help you. If you prefer to have your mats installed for you, we can recommend fitters to you.

How do I clean the mats?

All mats can be easily hosed down with detergent, or jet sprayed. Allow the mats to dry before replacing.

Do the mats require edging?

All our mats can be trimmed by hand to create a straight edge finish. However, we also sell smooth ramp edges where wheel access improved safety is required, makes it easier for wheelbarrows and water carrier movement.

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