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Stable Mats & Horse Matting

Trusted by horse training professionals. Classic EVA stable mats in green. Stable bedding mat in black. Insulate and use less shavings! Solid rubber stable mats.

Welcome to Equifloor UK

We produce a range of high-quality, affordable stable mats and horse matting. Our classic EVA Stable Mats are a very popular general purpose stable mat, made from high-density EVA foam, which is lightweight, yet extremely tough. Our Stable Bedding Mats are soft, yet durable and provide comfort and insulation inside the stable, perfect for young and recovering horses. Our Rubber Stable Mats are a classic solid rubber heavy-duty mat.

  • ✔ Stable mats can insulate against cold and damp
  • ✔ Stable mats can provide comfort for young and recovering horses
  • ✔ Stable mats can help level out uneven floors
  • ✔ Stable mats can help save on bedding costs!
  • ✔ Our stable mats are 100% non-toxic, easy to fit, store and clean!

Most Popular

  •  12 PACK  Rubber Stable Mats (BLACK)
    Complete pack for 10' x 12' stables.
    £431.28  SALE 
    £359.28 inc VAT
  • Ground Protection Mats
    Strong, interlocking mesh mats for gateways and soft ground areas.
    £4.98  SAVE 20% 
    £3.96 inc VAT
  •  9 PACK  EVA Stable Mats (GREEN)
    Complete pack for 12' x 9' and 10' x 10' stables.
    £280.26  SAVE £23 
    £256.50 inc VAT
  •  9 PACK  Rubber Stable Mats (BLACK)
    Complete pack for 10' x 10' stables.
    £323.46  SALE 
    £269.46 inc VAT
  •  12 PACK  EVA Stable Mats (GREEN)
    Complete pack for 12' x 12' stables.
    £373.68  SAVE £31 
    £342.00 inc VAT

 Featured  1m Rubber Stable Mat

  • ✔ Solid rubber
  • ✔ Interlocking
  • ✔ Anti-slip finish
  • ✔ Quick to Lay
  • ✔ Easy to Clean!
  • ✔ In Stock
  • ✔ Fast Delivery!
Made from 100% NBR rubber the traditional solid rubber stable measures is 1m x 1m 17mm and is a popular choice for stable matting. They are extremely tough, non-porous, are easy to self-fit and have an amoebic top surface for extra grip in damp conditions. Read More
£35.94  SALE 
£29.94 inc VAT

We are 11 years old!

About Us

We are a family business, based in the UK, specialising in interlocking stable mats and equestrian flooring. We were established in 2003 and began trading with our popular Classic EVA Stable Mat, supplying to homes, stables and farms. Our stable mat range now includes 4 different types from Traditional Rubber Stable Mats to interlocking Ground Protection Mats for parking areas and soft ground.

Our friendly team have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, supplying and fitting mats in the home, stable and farm centres around the UK. We pride ourselves on supplying the right mat for our customers at the best price and we are always happy to talk and answer questions.

We look forward to hearing from you today!

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